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at SPPS2021 on Svalbard

Kirsten Bomblies, ETH Zürich, Switzerland

Kirsten is professor for plant evolutional genetics and will lead the session about "Evolution"! Kirsten's main research interest is polyploidy in plants, occurring from duplication of the genome. Especially, how do the plants deal with the challenges posed by having several copies of each chromosome, for example during meiosis. Her lab also investigates various other evolutionary traits, so we can be curious, what her presentation will be about!

Rita Gross-Hardt, University of Bremen, Germany

Leading our "Development"-session Rita's greatest research interest is the formation of gametes in plants. Her lab is organized in three research lines:

(i) Elucidation of the molecular mechanisms underlying the acquisition of the distinct cell fates.

(ii) Characterization of the regulatory pathways governing mitochondria-dependent non-cell autonomous lifespan regulation.

(iii) Analysis of the molecular basis for plant polyspermy barriers.

Magnus Nordborg, Gregor Mendel Institute, Austria

We are looking forward to hearing the tale of 1001 genomes by Magnus who is leading the "Genome Biology" session. Magnus is very interested in genome-wide association studies (GWAS)!

Jonathan Jones,The Sainsbury Laboratory, Norwich, UK

Jonathan will be leading the " Abiotic & biotic factors" session. His main research interest is the tug of war between plant resistance to desease and pathogenes, trying to overcome it.

Malcolm Bennett, University of Nottingham, UK

The session "Systems Biology" will be led by Malcolm, who is an expert on the "hidden half of the plant", the roots.

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