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Welcome to the SPPS2019 conference and general assembly of SPPS!

Final Registration Deadline: June 28th 2019!

Information.... here



Early bird registration until 25th of May 2019. Please note that the maximum number of participants is 200, and there are some adventurous activities that only 100 persons can actively take part in, so hurry to sign up! But if you are a bit late, don't worry, we will take good care of all of our participants, just make sure you register before all the 200 places are filled!

SPPS member: 1500 SEK plus VAT (25%)

Non Member: 5000 SEK plus VAT (25%)

.... how to become a member ? Click here....

Prices after early bird registration have not been decided yet.


The SPPS2019 conference will be held at the Elite Hotel Mimer in Umeå, Sweden. This hotel is situated in central Umeå, in an old school building. A beautiful and practical location.

Please book your accommodation on the booking website of your preference. Please be aware that accommodation can become booked up in Umeå, so don't leave it to the last minute to book your accommodation. We can also recommend "Gamla Fängelset" and "U&Me Hotel".

Conference Program

How to get to Umeå:

In the face of climate change, SPPS would like to encourage everyone to travel as environmentally-friendly as possible. SPPS has negotiated a 10% discount with the Swedish Railroad Service SJ for your round trip to the conference. These tickets can be booked via the widget in your conference registration conformation e-mail. Due to railroad construction, tickets for late August will become available first in April. The main train station in Umeå is 800 m from the Elite Hotel Mimer.

It is possible to fly to Umeå from Stockholm (ARN) and Helsinki (HEL). From the airport, busses take you downtown. The central bus station in Umeå is called Vasaplan and is only a 200m walk the hotel. Local bus connections can be found on Tabussen.

From Vasa, Finland, a ferry can take you to Umeå. This takes ca. 4 hours and is a cozy and cheap way to travel (36€ per person). More information on Pickup from the harbour can be organized. Let me (Anke, society secretary) know if you plan to take the ferry.


Childcare will be available for parents who book it within early bird registration timespan via registration form. Please check the box "I am interested in childcare". Please understand that we can only to a certain extent accommodate special needs and children under 1 year as we do not have qualified personnel available. You will be contacted very soon after your registration to match your needs with what we are able to provide. This is a new project to make networking in plant science easier for #womeninscience. Of course, fathers are more than welcome to book childcare as well. The service is free of charge.

Our Sponsor:

The SPPS2019 Conference is from SPPS for our members primarily. Therefore we choose our sponsors carefully. After many years of colaboration and friendship, we are happy to welcome Agrisera Antibodys as our sponsor for this meeting. They will support the conference financially, with a social activity and a surprise for everyone! You can even pick up your free copy of their popular Photosynthesis Posters at their mounter or at the registration desk!

How can basic plant science contribute to feeding the world?

Symposium of the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (KVA)

Registration on the website of KVA

Many of humanity's major challenges - for example formulated in the global goals of sustainable development - concern plants and food production. A growing population, climate change and increasing competition for freshwater, fertilizers and cultivable land increase the pressure of plant scientists and plant breeders to deliver innovations and new varieties that can meet these challenges. Applied research is virtually always based on achievements in basic research, this also applies in this case. Today's industry and agriculture is based on yesterday's basic research, and today's basic research will form the basis for future applications.

On August 27 2019, the Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences (KVA), in collaboration with the Scandinavian Plant Physiology Society (SPPS) and the Swedish Research Council (VR), will organise the symposium ”How can basic plant science contribute to feeding the world?”. It will be free of charge and held at Stora Hörsalen, Swedish Museum of Natural History in Stockholm. World-leading plant scientists will give examples of how basic research on plants led to historical breakthroughs with impact for mankind, from Mendel's counting of peas in the garden of his Brno monastery to the development of novel crops. Furthermore, the symposium will show how today's research has the potential to improve our future, but also what problems must be solved to realize this, in a world where facts and science is increasingly questioned.

The target group will be scientists, funders and decision makers but also the general public. The symposium will be organised back-to-back with the biannual SPPS conference, which will be held in Umeå on August 28-30.

9.30 Registration, coffee

10.00 Introduction (ngn från presidiet, Stefan Jansson)

10.15 Professor Ottoline Leyser, Sainsbury laboratory, Cambrige, UK.

Genetics from Mendel through McClintock to today.

11.00 Professor emeritus Marc van Montagu, Belgium

Agrobacterium and biotechnology

11.45 Discussion

12.00 Lunch

13.00 Professor Mark Stitt, Max-Planck-Institut für Molekulare Pflanzenphysiologie, Potsdam-Golm, Germany

Photosynthesis and metabolism in a changing world

13.45 Panel discussion (Representatives from funders, decision makers and stakeholders)
Plant science and society: What can they expect from each other?

14.45 General discussion

15.15 Concluding remarks

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