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SPPS Grants

SPPS offers grants for various purposes within plant science in the Nordic countries (Denmark, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Iceland and Estonia). As our main goal is to promote plant science in this area, grant applications must show, how granting money to your project, idea or event would benefit our purpose. Below you find our grants sorted by the group they are aimed at. All applicants must be members of SPPS to be elegible. Applications can be sent at any time. The SPPS council usually evaluates the applications at their meetings, about 4 times per year. If you need your application to be evaluated at a certain time point, please indicate this in your application.

Travel grants up to 10.000 SEK can be decided upon any time. Grants for larger sums are to be submitted by a deadline 2 weeks before the next council meeting. The next deadline is announced on the SPPS front page.

SPPS Career Development Grant

SPPS wishes to support young scientists in the Scandinavian plant-research community in preparing for and starting their independent research career. To this end, the SPPS Career Development Grant is a unique, broad-profile grant that aims to support any activity to further the scientific career. The grant is specifically aimed at early-career scientists at the postdoc level (or equivalent).


  • SPPS membership
  • Completed PhD (Copy of the certificate)
  • Active postdoc (or equivalent) position in one of the SPPS member countries
  • Description of the planned activity and how it furthers the career of the early-career scientist (the timeframe is restricted to one year)
  • Detailed budget

Some examples of possible activities:

  • Participation in workshops/courses (online or in-person courses, although travels are restricted to within Europe (EEA states + UK); several courses can be combined in one application)
  • Career development workshop for several postdocs, for example within one group or department
  • Cost of a pilot project to develop an independent research idea (no purchase of equipment, must be independent of current host lab!)
  • Initiating collaboration within the Nordic countries to develop a proposal (costs covered only for postdocs)
  • A more comprehensive career development plan including several activities

You can come with your own ideas, and if in doubt, contact the SPPS office!

Application can be for any amount up to 40 000 SEK. Applications are accepted continuously.

Grant to develop online tools for plant science!

Give us your ideas, a concept or finished product for online teaching and/or research:

Concepts, virtual experiments, experiments to do at home, virtual labs, virtual microscopy, games, interactive websites, anything! SPPS is willing to spend a budget of up to 250.000 SEK to help develop and provide free research and teaching tools for its members. The information submitted should be sufficient to serve as an outline of the proposed concept. We will evaluate all submissions and might ask the authors for additional information.

Grants for PhD-Students and PostDocs - Conference Travel Grant

SPPS supports young scientists who would like to go to conferences within the Nordic countries (from Nordic country to Nordic country). Primarily, we give out grants for trips to our own events, the SPPS congress and the SPPS-PhD student conference. Secondarily, to events that SPPS sponsors and thirdly to any plant science conference or course within the Nordic countries. Applications can be submitted at any time via our web form. Generally, the application should reach us before the event and travel cost compensation will be transferred to you after you attended the event. If you are in financial difficulties and do not have the option to pre-finance your trip by yourself, please send an email to the SPPS office and we will try to help you.

Please read the rules for travel grants carefully before applying.

Grants for Parents - Childcare Conferencing Grant

If you have a young child, it can be challenging to leave your family for several days in a row. This grant is made to facilitate this, by covering the cost of either taking your child to the conference, taking your child and an additional person taking care of you child at the conference site (for babies up to 1 year or special needs), or covering cost of additiona child care caused by your trip at home. To receive money for this purpose, you should be traveling to an event or lab within the Nordic countries (from Nordic country to Nordic country).

If you are not a parent and are organizing a conference or an event within plant science in the nordic countries and you would like to arrange for on site childcare, you are also welcome to use this grant!

Grants for Scientists in the Lab - Lab Exchange Grant

If you would like to visit another lab within the Nordic Countries (from Nordic country to Nordic country) to do experimental work, use or learn specific procedures, use a field site, or would like to conduct experiments together, you can apply for money for your trip and accommodation. Again, food and other fees will not be covered by this grant, neither can SPPS cover cost for material or lab space. This grant is available to all our members!

Conference Support - SPPS Event Grant

If you are organizing a plant science conference, fair or other networking event, (Fascination of Plants Day, for example), then you can apply for funding from SPPS. Your event must take place in the Nordic countries and it must be clear from you application how your event supports plant science in the Nordic countries. To receive funding from SPPS, it is required that you offer a discount of the conference fees for SPPS members of 100 € or 25%. Please state this in the provided budget.

If you would like to offer child care at your event, please budget a post in your application for this, you do not need to apply separately.

SPPS Open Grant (former Idea Grant)

This is an invitation ot apply for a grant that will benefit plant science in the Nordic countries. Do you have an idea that would be really useful to promote and popularize plant science or help plant scientists in the Nordic countries, but you need some money to do it? Apply for this grant.

Apply here....

SPPS Travel grant applictions can be submitted at any time.

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