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SPPS Prizes

SPPS prizes have been established to recognise the work and achievements done in advancement of plant physiology and plant science in general. In the SPPS general assemblies of 2011 and 2017 it was decided to establish new prices so there are currently six given out at each biannual SPPS Congress. Membership of the society is a requirement for receiving a prize. A call for nominations is put out by the Council in the autumn prior to the SPPS Congress. The council can decide not to give out a particular prize if no nomination with sufficient quality is submitted.

SPPS Popularization Prize

The SPPS Popularisation Prize is a monetary award to encourage plant biologists to bring research results to the public. The prize can be given to a person who has clearly popularised plant biology in newspapers, journal articles, books, television, radio or other public forums in the Nordic countries.

SPPS Early Career Prize

The SPPS Early Career Prize is a monetary award to an early career scientist based in a Nordic country. The award is granted to a young, highly talented scientist, who has shown good progress and made significant, independent contributions to plant biology. Nominees should have received their doctoral degree less than 10 years before the SPPS Congress.

SPPS Prize

The SPPS Prize is a monetary award to a scientist based in a Nordic country in recognition of his/her outstanding, merited contribution to plant biology. Focus is on recent research contribution.

Physiologia Plantarum Prize

The Physiologia Plantarum Prize is a monetary award to a scientist that has made outstanding contributions to plant science in the areas that are covered by Physiologia Plantarum. This could be either lifetime contributions or recent breakthrough-type of contributions. Unlike the other awards, the Physiologia Plantarum Prize is open to researchers all over the world and also non SPPS-members can be nominated.

SPPS Plant Innovation Prize

The SPPS Plant Innovation prize is a monetary award to a scientist based in a Nordic country. The prize is given to a person that has demonstrated how academic plant science could benefit society, through translation into innovations, to new procedures or new policies.

SPPS Best PhD Thesis Prize

The SPPS PhD thesis prize is a monetary award to a scientist that has defended a PhD thesis in a Nordic country in the last two years. This time this means after January 1st 2022, the deadline for the previous round of nominations. The nomination should include a letter from a supervisor (or another senior scientist with deep insights into the work of the nominee) with details about the contribution of the student to the work presented in the thesis. The conditions for PhD studies differ between the Nordic countries, it is the task of the Council to take this into consideration when evaluating the nominations.


Members are invited to send in nominations for all awards in the autumn preceding the SPPS Congress. Nominations should be accompanied with a CV of the nominee. Members of the SPPS Council cannot be nominated but can make nominations. The Council will evaluate all the nominees. For the Physiologia Plantarum Award the Editor-in-Chief of Physiologia Plantarum will with the help of subeditors and the Journal Responsible Council member evaluate the applications and make a recommendation to the Council which will decide about the prices and awards.

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Deadline 31. December 2023

All awards are officially given out at the SPPS Congress. The winners will be invited to give an oral presentation during the congress and will be invited to publish in Physiologia Plantarum. The winners will, in addition to the monetary award, receive a certificate.

Previous recipients:

SPPS PhD Prize:

SPPS Innovation Prize

SPPS Popularisation Prize

  • 2019 Jens Sundström
  • 2017 Kurt Fagerstedt
  • 2015 Stefan Jansson
  • 2013 Teemu Teeri
  • 2005 Anna Haldrup
  • 2003 Birger Lindberg Møller, Preben Bach Holm
  • 2001 Tor-Henning Iversen
  • 1997 Lars-Olof Björn
  • 1988 Liisa Simola
  • 1985 Anders Johnsson
  • 1982 Lars-Olof Björn
  • 1979 Georg Hygen

Physiologia Plantarum Award

SPPS Award

SPPS Early Career Award

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