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Dr Anke Carius
Society secretary
Department of Plant Physiology
Umeå University
901 87 Umeå

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SPPS for you

What would you like to do within plant science?

SPPS supports its members! Do you want to organize a conference? Visit another lab? Go to one of our conferences? Boost your career with an award? Apply for money for outreach activities? Get a member subscription for Physiologia Plantarum?

Become a member in SPPS and apply for conference grants, travel grants, meeting grants and our awards! Please note that we support activities within Norden (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Danmark and on special request Estonia and Iceland). Only SPPS members are elegible to these benefits!

Membership benefits:

1. Join the SPPS conferences at a very much discounted rate! We offer high quality plant-scientific meetings with memorable social events for networking! Information about the next SPPS conference can be found under the tab on the left!

2. Join the SPPS PhD student conferences at a discounted rate and gain the opportunity to apply for travel grants! This is your opportunity to get in touch with the big names in plant science and learn how to organize a conference! Even a workshop can be included. Students organize everything themselves with financial backup of the society, organizational support from the society secretary and scientific mentoring from the council. Information about the next PhD student conference can be found under the tab on the left.

3. Join the EarlyCarreer PI meetings! Join the ECPI network to build long lasting supportive collaborations within plant science. SPPS sponsores the meetings!

4. As an SPPS member you can both nominate and be nominated for our prestigious Awards! On the SPPS2019 conference in Umeå, we will be handing out 6 awards: The SPPS Award, the PPL Award, the SPPS Popularization Prize, the SPPS Early Carreer Award, the SPPS Plant Innovation Prize and the SPPS PhD Award. Stay tuned for more information!

5. You can also be nominated by SPPS for an award from FESPB

6. You can apply for financial support for plant-scientific events you organize yourself! So get started to organize your own symposium, workshop, outreach activity, excursion or networking project with support from SPPS.

7. There is an amazing plant-science convention taking place somewhere in the Nordic countries and you really would like to take the chance an present your PhD or PostDoc project there, but there is no (more) traveling money on your project? Apply for a Travel Grant from SPPS.

8. You want to learn a new technique in another lab somewhere in the Nordic countries? Apply for a Lab Exchange Grant from SPPS.

9. Get a 25% discount on the open access fee of Physiologia Plantarum. Would you like to profit from the 25% discount on the open access fee for Physiologia Plantarum? Request a code from the SPPS Office Secretary.

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