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Dr Anke Carius
Society secretary
Department of Plant Physiology
Umeå University
901 87 Umeå

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SPPS Conferences

SPPS organises scientific meetings as one of its original activities. Currently SPPS organises three types of international meetings, the SPPS Congress, the EPCI Meeting and SPPS PhD Student Conference. For each congress a local organising committee is appointed to organise the scientific program and other meeting activities. Junior members of the society may apply for SPPS travel grants to attend these meetings.

Additionally, SPPS may financially support arranging of other international meetings and initiatives in the field of plant physiology.

SPPS Congress

The SPPS Congress is the primary meeting of the society and it is today arranged every second year. The location of the congress alternates among the Nordic countries. This international meeting focuses on current and interesting topics within the field of plant physiology. Internationally distinguished scientists are invited to present their research in the meeting. The congress is also a venue for research groups to present their resent work and results. Providing a stimulating environment for exchange of ideas, discussions and making contacts has always been one of the main purposes of the SPPS Congresses. The general assembly of SPPS convienes during these SPPS Congress.

SPPS PhD Student Conference

Between the main scientific congresses SPPS organises PhD Student Conferences. These conferences were established to provide a smaller scale and less formal forum for younger scientists to present their work and gain experience in giving talks and presentation of their work. Therefore a significant part of the program is dedicated to presentations made by Ph.D students and not only to the invited international top level scientists or leaders of the research groups. These meetings are a forum for students to communicate their work with senoir scientists from many countries and institutions. Career related issues are also a focus of these meetings.

Other meetings and initiatives

In addition to supporting SPPS meetings, the society may support other international meetings or initiatives within the field. Financial support for meetings or symposia is usually given out as a reimbursment stipulated grant that aims in securing arranging of the meeting. SPPS warmly welcomes proposals of initiatives related in advancement of plant physiology and plant science.

Congress proposals should be made to the SPPS Council well before the intended time of a meeting or event. Decisions to suport congresses and other initiatives are made by the General assemblies or by the Council based on full applications. To initiate the application process, local council member or the Secretary General should be contacted.

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