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Dr Anke Carius
Society secretary
Department of Plant Physiology
Umeå University
901 87 Umeå

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Connecting Plants and PPL Webinar


Together with our journal Physiologia Plantarum, SPPS organizes two webinars per year, that are free of charge. Speakers are recruited from both SPPS members from the Nordic countries and authors who recently published an article in Physiologia Plantarum. Topics are connected to Special issues or Focus collections published in Physiologia Plantarum. This webinar should give PPL-authors the opportunity to promote their articles and to connect with researchers who work on similar topics in the Nordic countries. Everybody is welcome to listen and ask questions!

As listening to a number of lengthy screen talks during a long time is very strenuous and it can be difficult to find a big block of time in everyone's calendars, this webinar works a bit different than a live conference: The presentations are available as videos two weeks before the live event. During the live event, every speaker only presents a short summary of their presentation, giving everyone a short reminder but leaving lots of time for discussion and interaction.

Do you want to host your own webinar on your favourite topic? Let us know!

Previous webinar videos are still available on the platform. You only need to sign up once to watch all presentations and to join the next live event.

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On this first event, we tried a different platform, therefore, presentations are no longer accessible.

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