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Dr Anke Carius
Society secretary
Department of Plant Physiology
Umeå University
901 87 Umeå

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Scandinavian Plant Physiology Society


Next deadline for Grant Applications:

25th of January 2021

Deadlines for our grants are set app. 2 weeks before our council meetings to give the council the opportunity to prepare before the decisions. Did you just miss a deadline? Don't worry, the next one will be coming up soon as the council meets ca. 4 times per year. Send an email to Anke, the society secretary if you are unsure about what applies for you.

Spps Conference 2021:

The next SPPS congress will be held 25-27th of August in Longyearbyen, Svalbard, Norway.

Info and preregistration

New SPPS-grant:

Open Call for Funding to develop online tools for plant science!

In light of the pandemic, teaching and even research in the laboratory have become difficult, What are the options to sustain plant science and deliver high-quality education?
Give us your ideas, a concept or finished product for online teaching and/or research:
Concepts, virtual experiments, experiments to do at home, virtual labs, virtual microscopy, games, interactive websites, anything! SPPS is willing to spend a budget of up to 250.000 SEK to help develop and provide free research and teaching tools for its members. The information submitted should be sufficient to serve as an outline of the proposed concept. We will evaluate all submissions and might ask the authors for additional information.


SPPS PhD Student Conference

Due to the Coronavirus, the conference will be held online!

The SPPS PhD Student Conference 2020 will take place 2-4 September in Turku, Finland

Register now!

Reregistration of your membership

As last year, we need confirmation from all our members that they wish to stay SPPS members even 2020!
Please use this email form to prolong your membership!


The link will open a pop-up window or your outlook app. If you have disabled popups for this site it may not work. You can email us manually at office(at) If you have a membership via an institution,or a 5 year membership, you will not be billed. If your membership has run out, we will contact you.

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Since the General Assembly on August 28th 2019, SPPS has a new council!

Christiane Funk (President)

Mats Hansson (Vice President)

Thorsten Hamann (Secretary General)

Stephan Wenkel (Treasurer)

Cornelia Spetea Wiklund (Journal Responsible)

Saijaliisa Kangasjärvi (member)

Paul Grini (member)

Zsòfia Reka Stangl (PhD and PostDoc Representative)

The awardees of the SPPS prizes 2019 have been annouced!

In the picture you see Prof. Karin Ljung, from Umeå Plant Science Centre and SLU Umeå. She will receive the SPPS Prize for her achievements in plant science in Scandinavia.

The Popularization Prize goes to Jens Sundström.

The Physiologia Plantarum Prize goes to Åsa Strand.

The Early Carreer Award goes to Charles Melnyk.

The PhD Prize goes to Moona Rahikainen.

And the Innovation Prize is shared between Torgny Näsholm and Barbara Halkier.

All awardees will give presentations at the SPPS2019 conference.

About SPPS

From January 2018 on, SPPS welcomes members to register as:

To become a supporting organization, the form "Join as supporting organization" must be filled in and submitted to the SPPS office. SPPS then sends an invoice to the organization for the number of members chosen. After this, members of that institution are welcome to sign up for free, using the "Join" form. Everyone has to sign up individually to receive membership benefits.”

Societas physiologiae plantarum Scandinavica, Scandinavian Plant Physiology Society in english, is a scientific society that promotes all aspects of experimental plant biology from molecular cell biology and biochemistry to ecophysiology. A significant part of the members come from countries outside of Scandinavia and membership is open to everyone interested in plant biology.

Societas physiologiae plantarum Scandinavica is a registered charity in Sweden.


The main activities of the society are to arrange the SPPS congresses and to publish the journal Physiologia Plantarum. The society also publishes a Newsletter and supports other congresses and initiatives within the field of plant science. In addition the society gives out travel grants for junior members to participate in the SPPS congresses and travel support for members to visit and to do research in another Nordic laboratory (from Scandinavia to Scandinavia).

SPPS awards are given out to persons with merrits on the field of plant science. The society also promotes teaching of plant biology and has established an Education Committee for that purpose.


The General assembly of SPPS is held in connection with the SPPS congress. The General assembly elects a Council and other officials to govern the society between the assemblies. The location of assemblies alternates between the Nordic countries Denmark, Finland, Norway and Sweden which are represented in the Council. The office of SPPS is located in Lund, Sweden.

International connections

SPPS is a member of these international organisations:

  • FESPB, The Federation of European Societies of Plant Biology
  • GPC The Global Plant Council

SPPS participates in the activities of the organisations and members of SPPS can enjoy the benefits of membership like discounts in congeress fees.

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