Physiologia Plantarum

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SPPS Office


Dr Anke Carius
Society secretary
Department of Plant Physiology
Umeå University
901 87 Umeå

Dr Totte Niittylä
Secretary General

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Travel Grants

SPPS offers travel grants for the following purposes:

  • SPPS members can apply for SPPS travel grant to visit and to do research in another Nordic laboratory (from Scandinavia to Scandinavia).
  • SPPS student members and members who are post doctoral researchers (up to three years from the PhD defence) can apply for SPPS Student travel grant, when availability of grants for a meeting has been announced, to attend:
    1. SPPS Congress
    2. SPPS Ph.D student Conference
    3. FESPB congress
    4. Other international congress organised in Scandinavia
    5. An international meeting organised outside Scandinavia only if the meeting is significantly supported by SPPS.

Prior to applying for a SPPS travel grant please observe the following requirements:

  • A member is eligible for a travel grant only if she/he is a member.
  • Travel grant applications should include travel plan with estimated costs, purpose of the travel, the contact information of the referee (only for student members) and CV.
  • Active participation in the meeting (oral or poster presentation) is required for the travel grant.

For more information on the SPPS grants, please contact the Secretary General or SPPS office.

Applying for a grant

SPPS Student travel grant application forms and instructions for submitting an application are available on the members only page (‘Members’ > ‘Members only’ in the menu above) when these grants have been openned for a specific meeting.

SPPS Travel grant applictions are of free format and applications can be submitted at any time. Before submitting an application you should contact SPPS about what you need to provide (application letter, CV, list of publications, letters of intent/acceptance, recommendation letters etc.).

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