Physiologia Plantarum

Contact Information

SPPS Office


Dr Anke Carius
Society secretary
Department of Plant Physiology
Umeå University
901 87 Umeå

Dr Totte Niittylä
Secretary General

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SPPS for you

What would you like to do within plant science?

SPPS supports its members! Do you want to organize a conference? Visit another lab? Go to one of our conferences? Boost your career with an award? Apply for money for outreach activities? Get a member subscription for Physiologia Plantarum?

Become a member in SPPS and apply for conference grants, travel grants, meeting grants and our awards! Please note that we support activities within Norden (Finland, Sweden, Norway, Danmark and on special request Estonia and Iceland).

- Membership benefits:

- SPPS conference

- PhD student conferences

- Early carreer PI meetings

- Awards/prices both SPPS and FESPB

- nomination to awards/prices

- conference support

- support to other activities that will strengthen plant science

- travel support to conferences

- travel support to Nordic lab exchange

- SPPS newsletter

- free online access to Physiologia Plantarum

- discount for open access fee of Physiologia Plantarum

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